Tea Staining My Pillow Fabric to Make it Match my Toile

After making my curtains from toile, I didn't want to overwhelm the room with it. So I decided on a variety of white and black pillows. But everything at the fabric store was too bright to match my particular toile. So I tea stained a bunch of white and black patterns to make them match.

Fabric before- glaringly white fabris that's not playing
nicely with my georgeous toile...

I just put 10 black tea bags in and boiled for about 10 minutes,
although some fabrics needed longer than others. Some started getting
dark very quickly, so be careful.

I did a piece of toile just to see, but this got way too dark.

Here's the after. I washed and dried them after the staining.
Now they're laying nicely with my toile.

I wanted every pillow to be made from a different fabric.

More pictures later! :-)

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