Patriotic Porch

Even though my front door is purple (and not red) I've decided to decorate my porch with a patriotic theme. So not "4th of July" decor, but actually American themed year round. I've been seeing some really cool projects that I'll be doing later. When it's not the 4th of July anymore. And none of you will care. Lol!

So here's what I have going on for now:

I love my hanging baskets from the dollar tree.
Clearance flowers. I love his old toolbox they're in.
I got it from a yard sale for $2.
My antique auditorium bench that I found beside a dumpster.
The porch swing my husband just made.
My blue cross from the dollar tree on my $10 Salvation Army shelf.
My purple front door and a wreath that was a wedding present.
I recently painted my shutters from gray to black.
My old wagon wheels came from a "free" pile on the side of the road.
The little flags all came from the dollar tree, or the Target dollar spot. Thanks for joining me today!

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