Defeating my Beast of Boxes

Unpacking. Ya. Not my strongest point. But it's fun getting the farmhouse together!

This is what it looked like in here when the moving
truck was pulling away...

But here's what it looks like now!

Ok, I'm going to drink a glass of sweet tea. I've earned it :-)

Fixing up the Farmhouse

I have been CRAZY busy! We are moving on Sunday to a fabulous old farmhouse built in the year 1900, and we're so excited! However, packing all our stuff while watching 2 tiny tots has been no easy task...

As if packing weren't enough, we decided we needed to paint everything so we would be sure there was no exposed lead paint. So for the last week, I've been painting painting packing painting packing packing painting. Ya. But I do have some great pictures for you guys!

The windows were really the worst off before cleaning and painting...

Then we thought, "Why stop at the windows and the walls?" so we re-sealed the floor.

I'm really glad we did this. We just got some high gloss polyurethane, and brushed it on with one of those lamb head applicator things. It cost $50 for the supplies, but the results were fabulous! The floor was in such bad shape before that even after we mopped, our feet were still turning black. It took us less than 2 hours to do this, and I'm very excited about the results! :-)

Just a little farmhouse eye-candy ;-)
Here's my new living room. I can't wait to get my furniture in there and start arranging! You guys will help me figure out where everything goes, right?

Townhouse to Farmhouse

Well, it's official! We signed the lease yesterday. My family is in for a huge change next month!

We are moving from one of these tiny townhouses...

To this farmhouse!
Our yard will be going from a fenced in bedroom...

To a house sitting in a corn field. I am so excited!
Now, don't get me wrong. I have enjoyed our tiny yet adorable living room for the last year...
And we have been very blessed to have a yard, and we have enjoyed it thoroughly...
I'm just very excited to finally have the space for our family to stretch out!!!
There are some downs of course (like heating & cooling, hardwood floors with little kids, and a longer commute to work) but I could not be more excited about the pros! I'm going to have my own art room! Yay!!! My painting and sewing stuff can stay out all the time! I'm even going to have my own ceramics studio in one of the old "servant's quarters"! We will have space for a playroom, a real dining room table, and a place for all of our books! My husband will be able to work on our cars (a beloved hobby for him) and have space for all his wood working tools. We will have a swing set, and ample space to host pot lucks and barbeque's! I imagine I won't be running out of blogging material for at least a year ;-)
It's about 35 minutes from my husband's work, but only 10 minutes to our church. It's farther away from some of our friends, but closer to others.

I love to have people over and host parties, but it's kinda hard when you're already a family of 4, and your dining area looks like this:

We have loved you little town house...

... but it's time to move on!